Arrived Saturday, August 2nd

Departed Tuesday, August 5th

All photos and notes from my three-day stay at the Hungry Mother State Park in Virginia were lost in a massive computer crash in mid-August. So, these brief notes are made from memory.

Hungry Mother State Park near Marion, Virginia, is one of Virginia's most highly regarded parks. And it lives up to its reputation.

I stayed at this Park for two days in 2007 and couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. It was pleasant enough, with the exception of dogs across the road that barked nearly all night. But beyond the "Discovery Center" at the check-in point, I saw little last year that justified such a high reputation.

Well! That was last year. This year I discovered that I'd parked the Mobile Studio in the overflow campground. Rather than in the main campground across the highway. And I never went across the road to the main part of the Park.

What a difference a half-mile or so made. Hungry Mother State Park certainly deserves its high reputation. The Park's extensive facilities all are positioned to take best advantage of its beautiful natural environment. Every staff member I met, from the park manager to the summer interns on the check-in desk, were highly motivated and well trained.

Park maintenance was everyone's job, it seemed. One morning the water spigot at the next campsite developed a persistent drip. Within an hour the park manager himself showed up with a toolbox to fix the problem! And he did fix it! I talked briefly with him about the Park as he fixed the water spigot. He described his philosophy of public park management. He said being responsible for a public park is like wanting to have one's house in top condition whenever company is expected. The difference being that company comes every day to a state park! His enthusiasm for the job and love of the Park was obvious.

There were so many things to see and places to go at this Park that I didn't have time to put the kayak in the lake for a paddle! The paths and trails were just too inviting. I did get to visit the restaurant, however. Even though it was closed that day. I happened upon Lisa, the restaurant manager, out weeding a flower bed beside the restaurant as I walked by. When she saw me taking photos, she kindly took me on a tour of the kitchen and the restaurant's various dining rooms. An impressive facility. See more about it and a photo at:

I regret losing all of the 150 or so photos I took at Hungry Mother State Park. But the Park is so popular that many other visitors have posted photos on the web. Free for the clicking. Just enter "Hungry Mother State Park" into a Google search window, and select the "images" search facility. You'll get an eye-full.


Tuesday morning I packed up the Mobile Studio for the last time during this long trip for the drive home. It's wonderful to travel. But it's even nicer to return home!



Hungry Mother SP
Marion, VA