Arrived Wednesday,July 30th

Departed Saturday, August 2nd

All of the photos and notes from my three-day stay at the Corps of Engineers Gerald Freeman Campground at Sutton Lake, West Virginia, fell victim to a mid-August massive computer crash. So, these brief notes are are made from memory.

Sutton Lake itself provided an interesting four-hour paddle one early morning. As well as an opportunity to see fresh-water jellyfish.

Fresh-water jellyfish? Is there such a thing? I too was skeptical. But they do live in Sutton Lake. I was even able to photograph a few. You've never heard of a jellyfish living in fresh water? Well, click on the website below and you too will become a believer.

The Jewel in the Crown of the Corps of Engineers' Gerald Freeman Campground was the "Snak Shak & Marina," owned by Susie and Roger Wyatt. I spent a couple of hours chatting with Susie and Roger about Sutton Lake and the surrounding region. Which also afforded the opportunity to see the remarkable photographs taken by their friend, Beulah. Now, there's a photographer! Her photos of the Sutton Lake region, and those of her recent mission trip to South America, were breath-taking. Wish I had that skill with a camera. Susie Wyatt even made me a plate of her special bean pancakes! If you've never had bean pancakes, you should drop what you're doing, and drive to Sutton Lake. E-mail me for driving directions.

Gerald Freeman Campground is a family campground. And it seemed that most of the families camped there knew each other. Indeed, many were related! Without exception, they were friendly, helpful, folks. Interesting and informative to talk with. Just the sorts of neighbors one hopes for when entering a campground.

A reservation at one of Virginia's premier state parks, Hungry Mother, awaited me for Saturday night. So I had to pack up and leave Sutton Lake Saturday morning. But I could easily have stayed for several more days, talking with the helpful campground hosts and other campers. And enjoying regular diet-busting lunches at the Wyatt's Snak Shak up on the hill.

What a nice group of people!

Gerald Freeman Camp
Sutton Lake, WV