Selected Books on
Political Japan and U.S.-Japan Relations
by Ellis Krauss
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Beyond Bilateralism: U.S.-Japan Relations in the New Asia-Pacific. Ellis Krauss and T.J. Pempel, eds. Stanford University Press, 2004. Elaboration of the various geopolitical and economic factors that have diversified the nature of the post-WWII bilateral U.S.-Japan relationship.
Broadcasting Politics in Japan: NHK and Television News . Cornell University Press, 2000. The best book to date on the political significance of Japan’s communications media. Krauss supports insightful generalizations about the state legitimation role of the communications media with detailed explanations of the nature and determinants of NHK’s television news output. Coming out soon in Japanese translation by Toyo Keizai.
Media and Politics in Japan. Susan J. Pharr, Ellis S. Krauss, eds. University of Hawaii Press, 1996. A multi-disciplinary set of articles, including case studies, that explain the political influence of Japan’s communications media: on government institutions and processes, on the one hand, and on the political inclinations of the Japanese public, on the other.

Conflict in Japan. Ellis S. Krauss, Thomas P. Rohlen, Patricia G. Steinhoff, eds. University of Hawaii Press, 1984. Articles included in this multi-disciplinary volume explain the sources of conflict in Japan, and how conflicts are managed at the various levels of society, including the political.

Democracy in Japan. Takeshi Ishida and Ellis S. Krauss, eds. University of Pittsburgh Press, 1989. This collection of authoritative essays that has withstood the test of time. It offers wide-ranging explanations of Japanese democracy -- political, economic, and social -- in implicitly comparative perspective.